We have experts and experienced professional that renders tailor-made services to your company. We are simply the best when it comes to the area of Engineering, Construction, Instrumentation, Procurement, Material Testing and Stocking and Material Warehousing.
Lad Fliud Control Services renders qualifty services in the following areas

Engineering Services
Lad Fluid Controls has a well equipped fabrication yard and qualified engineers to handle professional Fabrication, Blasting & Priming, Process Design, Platform maintenance, repair, and upgrading of oil field stations.

Lad Fluid Controls services has all the required expertise and experience to handle durable Building Projects, Finishing and Renovation.

We have a fully equipped and certified Calibration and Instrumentation workshop with qualified personnel to handle any type of Instrumentation jobs ranging from Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation. E.g Calibration of Transmitters (Pressure and Temperature) and various equipment, Pressure Testing and Hydro Testing of Valves, Pumps and Meters, Repair and Maintenance of Power Tools of various models.

We procure equipment, accessories and consumables through our reliable sourcing agents in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, as well as locally to meet clients expectation such as; Power Tools ( Pneumatic and Electric), Steel Materials and Steel Pipes, Electrical Transmitting Systems, Valves, Meters, Flanges, Gaskets, Stud Bolts, Stainless Steel bolts and other accessories.